How is Spirulina intertwined in our daily life?



Want to know what happens when you consume Spirulina?

In this cosmos community, there are n-number of facts and remedies for anything and everything that hypes for a couple of months and then just fades away. However, the majorly categorized diseases are heart diseases, carcinogenic diseases and diabetes. Yes, there is an overall effect apart from the daily diet control but this can definitely suppress the activity of the condition. 

            Spirulina is a rich source of proteins, carotenoids and other micro-nutrients. It is being used in the daily diet of the people of Africa and America. It has proven to be a dietary source of Vitamin-A for pre-school kids in India. Spirulina does not contain Vitamin B12 and is not a supplement for Vitamin-B12.

1.Resistant to Disease:


 Free radicals in our body tend to cause oxidative damage to our cells and DNA, the antioxidants in Spirulina protects our cells and DNA. This oxidative damage causes chronic inflammation and is the cause for the widespread of the disease. It has ample antioxidants, which binds with these free radicals thereby preventing the root of any chronic ailment.

The primary active antioxidant in Spirulina is Phycocyanin. This antioxidant is the cause of the blue-green colour of Spirulina. Apart from this, the antioxidant has the ability to repress the production of certain particles which indicate the body to spark inflammation.

2.Lowers Triglyceride and Harmful “LDL” levels

High cholesterol is one of the major factors for heart diseases and it is one of the major death-causing components in the medical field. One needs to lower the cholesterol levels if it is

Increased. We must also check whether the triglyceride levels are normal. They are the excess calories stored in the blood which are converted into lipid fats in our body for future use.

            Many studies have proven that Spirulina can lower the triglyceride levels in our body and not just lowering the LDL level but also gradually increasing the DHL levels. The study shows that we must take an intake of 1-2 g/per day is sufficient. Although taking 3-4 g/per day also does not affect.

3.Reduces the risk of Oral Cancer: 

            Enough antioxidants in our body provide immunity against Cancer. Researchers say that Spirulina is more effective in preventing Oral Cancer. A study sates, people with pre carcinogenic lesion consuming spirulina 1-2 g per day, to become subside of the lesions in 45% of the active group of people.

Out of which only 7% of people had been cured. Although the benefits, people after recovering from the pre-cancerous stage when stopped the consumption of spirulina had a recurrence of the lesions like within a year.

            So, what we get from this is that Spirulina helps in lessening the effects of the disease and not the permanent treatment to cure it. An article states that eating spirulina 1g per day is more beneficial than consuming the regular pentoxifylline, a drug which is used during extraction in the treatment of Oral Cancer.

4.Say No to Allergies: 

            Allergic rhinitis, commonly known as ‘Seasonal allergies makes a person aching. It causes inflammation in the nasal pathway which causes congestion. It causes the whole nasal track(i.e nose and throat) to be painful. Common factors for these allergies are pollen, dust, animal air which are difficult to avoid. So, they are also called as environmental allergies.

            OTC allergy treatment is used to lessen the symptoms, which has bad side effects which include jitters, headache and dry mouth.

            But, spirulina does the magic. Another study reveals an intake of 2 g/day of spirulina significantly reduced the symptoms like coughing, sneezing, running nose and congestion for 127 people.

5.Controll Blood Sugar Level:


 Unregulated blood glucose level is the cause for type-II Diabetes mellitus. Intake of excess sugar than needed for our body function leads to this condition. Adding spirulina to our daily diet suppresses the risk of the above condition.

            Few studies show that intake of spirulina on a daily basis not only keeps the sugar level under control but also reduces the risk of HbA1C caused due to excess sugar in the blood. Experts also say that it reduces the risk of death due to Diabetes mellitus up to 21%.

6.Better Endurance and muscular strength:

       Nowadays everyone wants to look fit. Well the majority of us do not really escape from the trap of obesity. Apart from all the health benefits, spirulina also helps in reducing muscular fatigue. People who want to reduce their weight but don’t have much interest to exercise can go for it. They can add it to their daily diet.

            The antioxidant in spirulina fights against the oxidative damage caused by muscle fatigue. A recent study says spirulina had declined the effect of muscle fatigue in athletes.

7.Poisioning & Birth defects:

 Although Spirulina has many positive effects for us, it is strictly not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Studies show that intake of Spirulina during pregnancy causes a high increase in Calcium level of the foetus, which will cause the babies to have seizures after birth. So, it is best to totally avoid any algal supplements during pregnancy and nursing period.

It is essential to verify the safety of the supplement we intake. Certain laboratories don’t take enough care in the processing and the supplements contain heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic. So while choosing supplements it is always safe to buy from certified brands. The certification will contain a certain unique number which can be used to verify results with the laboratory.


            Spirulina is a form of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. The benefits of this are untold which needs to be revealed. Adding 1-2 g/per day can reduce the risk of heart diseases and lower the blood cholesterol level. Not only that it also regulates sugar in the blood and whatnot, but it also provides strength for daily activities and protects us from carcinogenic diseases. As long as the supplements are from properly certified brands we are good to use them.



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