Anti- Aging Food That Will Make Your Skin Glow



A healthy outside starts from the inside. Even it seems to be non applicable, it's the truth. Would you believe me if I say that you could become the next Ms. Universe by simply eating healthy?! Yes it is possible to get a scintillating skin by consuming the right ingredients. Come on girls, now throw away your make up kits by replacing Contours with Avocados and Suncreens with dark chocolates. You are about to unveil many more such surprising replacements. Keep going.

Get ready to update the old saying as 'Let food be thy skin care, thy skin care shall be thy food'. Let's not waste these edibles as facades for health rather make use of it for a glowing skin. Say good bye to acnes and dark spots with vitamin C. Tired of using chemical moisturisers that claim to contain vitamin A? Why not get those same vitamins naturally through our everyday diets and our favourite foods? Find out about the best anti-aging foods that you will cherish eating throughout your life.

1. Avocados :

If you want a soft, hydrated and a deeply nourished skin, then Avocados should be your first choice. You cools always get an instant update to any of your favorite foods like burgers and smoothies with Avocados. One of the popular dark sides of eating Avocados is that it contains a lot of fat. But what most people don’t know is that it is a good kind of fat coming from unsaturated fatty acids. This would act as a natural lubricant to your body and helps in maintaining your skin moisturized and glowing at all times. You not only get nourished with vitamins E and C from this fruit, you also get a healthy and flexible skin. What are you still sitting on? Go on and get your fruit!

2. Dark Chocolate:


When it comes to skin diet, you need not go through dome tough deprivations and self control. You could have a dazzling skin tone while having all the dark chocolates you can! Studies have shown that dark chocolates taken everyday, tend to make the skin less rough and more moisturized. You could also throw away your sunscreen lotion when you have dark chocolates in your pocket. Apart from the anti - oxidants, you get more of other nutrients to your body due to the increased blood flow. Now not all chocolates will produce results. Only dark chocolates with minimum of 70% cocoa will do the trick.

3. Red Wine:


Say no more that Red Wines contain alcohol and that alcohol consumption should be prohibited! It seems that Red Wine is indeed good for our skin. It prevents fast aging of skin and it turns out you could be young for a while if you are a red wine drinker after all! So strap yourselves for a bit of wine facial to get that glow you've always yearned for. You could either drink it or even apply to your face gently massaging it in a uniform direction. This way better results could be gained. Happy wine everyone!

4. Tomatoes:


Most of us would be aware that tomatoes consist of Vitamin C that increases collagen production improving skin elasticity. Tomato as an ingredient itself, could not be hated by anyone. Be it any time of the day, you could always eat Tomatoes. Remove your dead skin cells by applying tomato rather than even eating it. It consists of the anti-aging properties via Vitamin B, preventing early age wrinkles and scaly skin. It also contains the ability to fight against free radicals, which could cause severe skin damage. I guess everyone knows the backlogs of a dry skin. It could result in cracking and itching sometimes. Even though many moisturizers are available in market, nothing could defeat a natural remedy, or in this case eating tomatoes. So give it a try and get benefitted.

5. Walnuts:

It is a known fact that Walnuts is rich in Fatty acids. These acids help in developing richer cell membranes. Since these are not generated naturally by our bodies, we need to provide sufficient Omega - 3s and 6s through our diet. So walnut plays a major role in bridging that gap. It contains antioxidants that are friendly to our skin cells providing vitamins E and C. Biotins which are rich in Selenium helps in promoting a healthy skin. As an additional bonus, you also get to prevent hair loss by consuming this.

6. Sweet Potatoes:


Skin rejuvenation could be achieved by sweet potatoes. Gone are the days when they said potatoes are bad for health and causes gastric trouble. If you need a balanced health and a radiant skin tone, you've got to consume these potatoes. They are not only known for their presence during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but these root vegetables are rich in various other nutrients. It consists of Beta Carotene that fights against sun burn. So basically it acts as a sunscreen lotion but only naturally. By avoiding sunburn, you also reduce the chances of skin cancer as an added bonus.

7. Eggs:

Eggs are usually known for their proteins and their roles in building a balanced and healthy diet. But what most people don't know is that they also provide a good nourishment for the skin and hair. Lutin in eggs helps in improvising elasticity. It could be benefitted for both oily and dry skins by improving the skin texture. Albumin in eggs helps in removing pores, this way preventing the occurrence of pimples. This is also used in removing excessive oils. You need sufficient Vitamin D to your body. For this you need to take a sun bath everyday which would damage your skin extensively. So eggs come to your rescue.


Always remember, if it came from a plant, eat it; was made in a plant don't. This means that you need not go for preserved and chemically made skin care products, when Mother Nature as provided you abundantly with everything you need. Embrace the natural treatments for your skin and get a dazzling radiant skin tone. All the food listed above are highly rich in acids, vitamins and nutrients that are essential. Make the best use of all this. After all, fashion is like eating, you could not stick to the same menu!


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