Quit these practices which degrade your brain


            Most people like to have a couple of wine in their stress life to have a known off or sleep a little extra or kill time by watching television. Certain lifestyle preferences can menace the health of our brain directly even when they are not associated.

            These habits can ruin the brain cells quickly or hinder the nutrients need to be reached to the brain which eventually leads us to mental disorders like depression and anxiety. These practices ultimately lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, stroke and cancer.

            Even while we take physical rest, our internal functioning goes on and there is no rest in-between. So, it is crucial for one to maintain their health internally too. Mental illness is caused mostly due to genetics, lifestyle and diet. Here are a few habits which are most beneficial to avoid completely to guard the brain against any sort of damage.


Skipping Breakfast:

            The reason breakfast is considered an important meal of the day because skipping it can diminish the blood sugar levels in the body. If this habit continues if ultimately degrades the brain. Our brain needs more energy than any other organ in the body. Our brain utilises about 20% of the total glucose in the body.

            Two third of the brain's energy is used to stimulate neurons to transfer signals to the other parts of the body. The remaining one third is used for cellular care and maintenance. Having low regular energy in the brain can make you less responsive to any stimuli. Even the brain cells will die when they reach an accelerated rate. So, take more care about your brain health.


Lack of Sleep:

            It is no shock that lack of sleep can cause slugginess, lazy and absent-minded the next day. Deprivation of sleep can hinder the capability of neurons to function accurately. This can affect your work and relationships. Your insights and reflexes are dulled and prone to mishaps.

            Having chronic sleep loss can make these symptoms lasting. Next time when you feel you have work and find no time to sleep remember these effects and make sure you have adequate sleep. Having good sleep can make you energetic and active the next day.



            Studies have revealed the correlation between obesity and dementia. The reasons are not obvious still researchers assume that obesity happens when the food has deficit nutrition which leads to overeating of the food to balance the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for the body. So even if you overeat your brain can be perishing.

            The number of patients diagnosed with dementia was almost 45 million by 2015 since 1990. The national obesity rate in the US also went from 11.1% to 30.6%. Yet, a more extended study needs to be performed to make a clear connection.



            We all know the side effects of smoking which various studies have confirmed that. Smoking damages cell membranes and neural viability in the area of the brain which regulate balance, coordination, both fine and gross motor skill. Smoking tenders the cortex and functions like memory, language and perception related to it.

            Quitting smoking is a healthy habit which not only safeguards your lungs but also your brain. Still, if you are a smoker there would have been damage to some extent. Studies show that smoking cessation can help in regaining the thickness of the cortex. People who have a history of smoking for 25 years and have dropped smoking still have thin cortex compared to people who don’t smoke.



            As we know our body is made 70% of water which makes it essential for normal bodily functions including brain activity. The effect of dehydration in the brain can cause severe problems like doing heavy exercise without water can cause cognitive degeneration. It is said that dehydration can have effects on coordination, attention and complex problem-solving.

            Anyway, you don’t need to be attentive to the amount of water you drink but notice when you are thirsty. This is the indication that your body needs water. It is recommended to drink 6 to 8 litres of water each day.


Excess sugar:

            Our body needs sucrose to function well. Unfortunately, our modern diet has sugar in them more than needed. If we take excess sugar intake continuously, our cells including the brain cells will be in persistent inflammation. This affects the potential of the cells to absorb other essential nutrients for the body and eventually your brain cells will perish and lead to cognitive malfunctions. Finally, it will lead to dementia, the smaller hippocampus. Hippocampus is a region which manages the memory in the brain.



            Everyone needs a social life. But it is not about Facebook and Instagram. All that matters is the real-life connections. You should have at least a few friends to interact and share your happiness and pain. This lessens the pressure in the brain. You can make new friends in new places like a bridge or while playing tennis and even in a dance place.



            Stress always has a negative impact on health. But having prolonged stress can have chronic symptoms. Situational stress is good as it helps you to fight the struggle and fear but when it becomes a habit is incorporated in your daily lifestyle, the cortisol produced and piled in the brain and causes long-lasting damage.

            This will not only damage the brain cells it contracts the brain. If the shrinking hits the prefrontal cortex you lose your capability to learn and remember.  It becomes irreversible when you find ways to relax.



            This information is not to terrify you but to be conscious of the ways you damage your brain even without knowing it. It is crucial to have sound sleep, eat breakfast and relieve stress.

            You can control the excess sugar you take. Having a priority of your health makes you quit smoking and overeating. It is you who would be benefited by all these practices and have a healthy relationship with your family and friends.


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