Foods not recommended when you have thyroid


            The thyroid is a gland in the neck, butterfly-shaped which releases hormones regulating metabolism, growth, maintaining internal temperature and heartbeat. Now you will know how important thyroid is and the consequences which can occur if there is a problem in the thyroid.

            Thyroid causes 2 types of disorder,

                        1. Hypothyroidism

                        2. Hyperthyroidism.

            Hypothyroidism occurs when the gland does not produce enough hormones needed for the body. This can occur when the gland malfunctions and is known as primary hypothyroidism. The situation where the pituitary gland in the brain does not send proper signals to the thyroid gland to release hormone is called secondary hypothyroidism. Symptoms for both cases include fatigue, excess weight gain, sensitivity to cold and depression.


            Hyperthyroidism occurs when the glands produce excess hormones than needed for the body. The symptoms are weight loss, sensitivity to heat, irregular heartbeat, irritability and nervousness.

            This disorder can be mostly genetic but also influences external factors like stress, diet and environmental toxins. Here is a list of a few foods which exacerbate the disorder and avoid these foods to keep it under control.


Fast Food:

            The thyroid produces hormone T3 and T4 using iodine from the food we eat. The thyroid is the only organ which needs iodine in our body. There are various reasons not to eat fast food when it comes to thyroid fast food containing high salt in it and less iodine.

            It is advised to take iodized table salt. No fast-food restaurants use these iodized salts. Studies show that fast-food meals contain very little iodine compared to the sodium you take.


Processed Food:

            Like fast food processed food and packaged tins contain more sodium with little iodine in them. You can check the labels before buying them if you are not convinced. Most of the sweets you consume have 20

5 of sodium needed for a day.

            Diet with excess sodium intake can lead to heart ailments and increase blood pressure. It is better to prepare meals at home and use iodized salt rather than any packaged food.



            Celiac is a disorder where the body cannot process gluten in the body. Gluten is found abundant in grains like wheat, rye and barley. People with celiac also have higher chances of Thyroid. If you are diagnosed with celiac best is to avoid gluten in the body.

            If you do not have celiac or any risk factors with a family history or any autoimmune disorder then too it is best to avoid bread. Most of them are made with iodized salt. You can eat the whole wheat instead.




            There is always controversy over soy. It is considered a substitute for meat products. In recent years evidence shows that soy is related to negative impacts on thyroid functioning. Soy can disturb the absorption of iodine by the thyroid and if  you are already deficient you have high chances of developing hypothyroidism.

            However, researchers also say that unless either you are already iodine deficient or taking excess soy in your diet you won't develop hypothyroid easily. Avoiding taking a high amount of soy. If you are a man be aware soy can also act like estrogen in your body.


Organ Meats:

            Organ meats are now old fashion which is actually good for health. Organ meats like kidney, liver and heart contain a large amount of lipoic acid which helps in supporting cognitive functions and also lowers inflammation.

            On the other hand, lipoic acid can affect the functioning of the thyroid when you take it more. This meat is not recommended for people who are under thyroid medication as it can alter the functioning of medicine.



            Studies show that caffeine blocks the absorption of thyroid hormone replacement. Doctors say that people who take their thyroid medication with coffee have high uncontrollable thyroid levels. Take your medications only with water. Take your coffee after 45 minutes of taking your medication if you still in need of coffee.



            Alcohol consumption can destroy both the thyroid hormone levels in the body and also disrupts the ability of the thyroid to produce hormones. Alcohol also suppresses the ability of the body to use the hormone produced by the thyroid. People with hypothyroidism should cut down alcohol completely.


Cruciferous veggies:

            Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, kale and broccoli have rich amounts of fibre and essential vitamin and minerals in them. These vegetables also contain sulfurous compounds like glucosinolates. It is found that glucosinolates help in fighting against cancer.

            Whereas if you have iodine deficiency it is best to stay away from these vegetables. The digestion of these vegetables hinders the utilization of iodine for thyroids. You can also take a very minimum amount if you still want to eat. Eat cooked vegetables rather than raw as it can reduce the effect on the thyroid.



            Processed sugars stand in the number one not to eat list when it comes to health. We tend to eat excess even without realizing it. Sugar not only causes overweight but also spikes inflammation all over the body and increases the chances of diabetes, tooth decay and heart ailments.

            An unidentified thyroid slows the metabolism which eventually leads to overweight even when you don’t take excess sugar. You will gain so much weight in no time. Reducing the intake of sugar is one of the things to maintain to improve your overall health and to reduce the negative effects of the thyroid.



            The best part is thyroid doesn’t interfere with the normal diet. Avoiding excess sugar, fast food and processed ones are not new and everyone who wants to stay healthy can follow it. It is best to avoid wheat only when you have celiac which can be found with a blood test. You can take cruciferous vegetables and soy in a moderate amount.

            As long as you eat homemade food you can be sure you are far away from thyroid unless you have a family history. Fortunately, the thyroid can be treated easily and symptoms would disappear soon.



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