Is oregano used only for seasoning??


            Everyone likes to add oregano to their pizza, but what they do not know is how vital is oregano oil. It has a greeny flavour, a little minty and a little bitter. Oregano can be added to many dishes mostly the ones with tomatoes. Oregano is native to Europe but now it has been used by all type of people. 


            So, we know that oregano is a great seasoning for most of the Italian foods, but did you know it had been practised as a remedy by the ancient Greeks and Romans? They used it to treat cough, skin infections, asthma and psoriasis. It has been used in the form of concentrated oil. Oregano has a generous amount of antifungal and natural antibiotic and an ample amount of antioxidants.

            Just taking 2-3 drops of this can do all wonders. It has some precautions too. Now come let’s explore what oregano can do to our body as well as the precautions to be taken.

1.Destroys Bacteria

            Oregano is a natural antibiotic. It has carvacrol in it. Carvacrol is the most abundant phenol antioxidant in Oregano. This antioxidant prevents the growth of several types of bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus is a classic example. Staphylococcus aur. is common and causes skin infections and food poisoning. But extreme conditions it can be fatal.

            Studies had been done on Staphylococcus and the effects of oregano on Staphylococcus. In mice, 43% of infected animals given this oil prevailed longer than 30 days which is 50% of the survival rate of mice treated with antibiotics.

            More research is needed, but it seems to be promising and is also suggested in treating diseases caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E.coli which had become antibiotic-resistant. This antibiotic-resistant condition should be taken seriously because it threatens and makes us defenceless to death which was once a curable ailment.

2.Reduced Cholesterol

            In conjunction with lifestyle changes and diet, adding oregano oil to our daily routine would help us reduce cholesterol. A study shows that people with unimportantly elevated cholesterol achieved lower LDL and higher HDL levels taking .85 ounces of oregano oil after the meal.

            Researchers state that it is because of Carvacrol in oregano. This had found to lower the cholesterol in mice on a high-fat diet. The antifungal, Thymol in oregano also play a vital role. It supports the immune system and protects the body against toxins.

3.Pain Reliever

            Most of the research had been done on mice and rat but it shows promising results. Oregano oil is to work as likely as drugs like fenoprofen and morphine. Higher the dose more effective the results. Though many research in needed anecdotal evidence suggests that oregano can ease pain in humans too.

            The antioxidant power of carvacrol and other components like rosmarinic acid is thought to be suppressing inflammation and reducing pain. Inflammation is an immune response that causes distress. That is why the pain killers we buy at stores have more of anti-inflammation properties.

4.Protection from disease

            The primary function of antioxidants is to bind with free radicals which cause oxidative damage. This type of disease caused at the cellular level and affect our DNA. When oxidative damage occurs our cells become weak and become prone to many other diseases including cancer.

            We can not avoid free radicals in our body as they are the byproducts of metabolism. But by taking enough oregano oil each day it keeps the antioxidant levels high to fight back the free radicals and neutralize them. They can do more than that. Few test tube studies show that carvacrol can cause the death of cancer cells which will be a great relief in the medical industry. It is promising in liver, breast and lung cancer.

5.Treatment for fungal infections

            Oregano has a natural antibiotic which can destroy bacteria. It can also kill fungi. Yeast is a classic example. Yeast infections are prone to occur in the vaginal areas. It can also happen in armpits, between skinfolds and mouth anywhere it is moist and warm on the skin. Yeast infections are harmless but irritating. Even though severe situations lead to complications like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

            The most common form of yeast, candida had been tested with oregano oil. Studies show that oregano can destroy at least 5 different types of Candida. It is found to be more imperative than other medications.

6.Weight Loss

            The carvacrol content in oregano oil helps in reducing weight. It helps to lose pounds too. It had been tested with 2 rats with a high-fat diet and another with high-fat diet along with carvacrol. The mice that took carvacrol reduced weight. Studies also say that this compound even inhibits the formation of the fat compound in our body.

            It is necessary to notice than mice are different from humans and more research on this is needed. The results are promising. But oregano oil cannot help us reduce pounds our diet and lifestyle change is also necessary.

7.Enhanced gut health

            Oregano oil can improve gut in several ways. Common gut symptoms are bloating, pain and diarrhoea. It is caused by gut parasites.

            A study tested by giving 14 people about 600 mg of oregano oil who had gut symptoms infected by parasites. After 6 weeks of testing, they saw the evident result in a reduction of parasites. Almost about 77% of them had been cured. The symptoms also reduced along with the pain and inconvenience it caused.

            Few studies on pig show that oregano oils a prevent the gut wall from damage. It also decreased the number of E.coli number in the gut.


            Oregano oil is found even in the local stores. One can choose oregano capsules if they do not like the taste of it. It has more benefits than any fruit and vegetable. Different oregano oil has different antioxidant levels in it. If you are planning to apply it to your skin make sure you dilute the oil before applying.


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