Do you think you are taking too much sweet and want to know what is prediabetes and its symptoms?



The condition in which the person’s blood sugar level is chronically elevated, though not so high as to indicate full-blown diabetes is known as Prediabetes. This means that several combinations of risk constituents are driving you down the lane towards the type 2 diabetes with all the negative health outcomes that entail. It has been estimated that type 2 diabetes can strip 10 years apart of your life.

Not to worry, prediabetes is reversible. The quicker you recognize the problem, then sooner you can turn around some of the risk constituents of the disease. Some of the indications are being overweight or obese, living an inactive lifestyle, and consuming too much-added sugar. There is another issue, there can also be a genetic component that you can’t change. We can protect ourselves by spending stern care to a healthy nutrition and exercise regime.

You need to have a regular blood glucose level checkup. What if you have prediabetic throughout the year?

There are some subtle indications that together could spell catastrophe. Read on to get proactive about the hazard posed by prediabetes.

Increased Blood Pressure

One with high blood pressure is at an enhanced peril of prediabetes. It is because hypertension forces the heart to beat harder to move blood throughout the body. This in turn makes it more challenging for the body to discharge unwanted excess sugar from the bloodstream.

Hypertension and prediabetes are conditions that intensify each other. Recent examinations have shown that having both exceedingly increases the chance of heart collapse.

Unfortunately, initially, both prediabetes and high blood pressure both are chiefly asymptomatic. If you are aware that you have hypertension, then you must get serious about restricting prediabetes immediately.

Vision Loss

Both prediabetes and normal diabetes can negatively affect our eyesight. When blood sugar levels fluctuate uncontrollably from high to low, it can cause fluid to ooze into the lens of our eye. This occurs because our body has gone into overdrive to draw as much water as possible from cells in order to flush out excess sugar. The symptoms on our eyes are swelling and change in shape. Gradually restricting them from converging accurately. There are a number of additional possible reasons for blurry vision.

Fights against Skin Problems

Sometimes difficulties on the inside of our bodies reveal on the outside. Prediabetes is known to create shiny, scaly patches or dark, velvety patches on the skin, due to enhanced levels of insulin in the blood.

Prediabetes also starts to negotiate blood circulation, which can create itching in our extremities, particularly the legs. Normal diabetics are at chance of losing a foot due to rigorously negotiated circulation. So one must act fast if they doubt their skin issues are associated with prediabetes.


Gout is a kind of arthritis which produces fine uric acid crystals to develop within joint tissue. It is extremely painful. It has higher chances of prediabetes.

Henry VIII has been once considered as a disease of kings was a famous sufferer. Gout frequently occurs due to a royal and overabundant diet. It is more likely to affect people who are overweight more frequently. Obesity is also a hazardous factor for prediabetes.

Increased Appetite

Sugar or glucose is a fuel root we depend on to power our bodies. But when we take in excess of what is needed, insulin produced by the pancreas becomes incapable to prepare glucose efficiently. This leaves an excess amount of sugar drifting in the blood, where it cannot be utilised for energy. As a result, you may feel starving soon after a meal, because your body hasn’t received what it requires.

Hunger is normally a helpful hint to eat more, but in the case of prediabetes, it will not improve the problem. It is more sufficient to drink some water to help flush extra sugar out through urine and do regular gentle exercise to improve your body’s insulin responsiveness.


As excess blood sugar can commence to hunger it can also lead to fatigue. When your body isn’t receiving the energy it needs, despite eating complete meals, you are forced to feel weak. This symptom may worsen other danger constituents for prediabetes as well, because when you are exhausted and weakened you feel the necessity to rest.

When the fatigue becomes chronic, you may surmount back on the physical activity necessary to maintain healthy body weight. It’s also common to depend on fatty availability of foods when you feel too weary to cook. An inactive lifestyle and inadequate diet are the two most prominent hazard constituents for prediabetes.

Increased Thirst

Enhanced thirst, particularly after a meal, can indicate prediabetes. Your body has begun to serve very hard to discharge excess glucose from the bloodstream, and one of the ways it does this is by diluting the blood and cleaning unprocessed sugar out via urine. To get that water, your body will often extract it from nearby cells, leaving them dehydrated and you feel thirsty.

When you are bolted in this wicked cycle, you may encounter dehydration no matter how much you drink. There are few confirmations that staying properly hydrated on a daily basis can aid inhibit the growth of prediabetes and ultimately, type 2 diabetes. Water and blood sugar maintenance run hand in hand.


Prediabetes is a caution flag that something needs to change in order to remain salubrious. After reading till here, you notice that you’re undergoing many of the alarming indications of prediabetes, do not panic. With proper care, it is however reversible. The first step is to make a check-up with your doctor to be evaluated. They can give effective guidance on diet and other precautionary measures.

I recommend setting out a range of small, sustainable changes that you can build upon. Commence by drinking more water every day and taking the stairs rather than the elevator whenever possible. Then cut down sodas and fast food meals and a sugary night bite. Start practising simpler exercises.  Try out new fruits and vegetables you haven't tried before.


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