Can you eat ‘nuts and seeds’ daily?


            There are so many facts about seeds and nuts. Eating nuts can only not favour in reducing the weight. Otherwise, it aids in all functions like even protecting us from cancer. It is true that nuts and seeds have a high density of vitamins and minerals. Although it has high-fat contents it is mostly unsaturated fat which can help to lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease.


            Apart from the negatives, there are good things too. However, results can’t be seen in the short term. Many practices can be unhealthy in the initial stages and dangerous in the final stages. Few avoid nuts for these reasons in the first place.


            A lot of studies show that taking in nuts and seeds can help in weight loss. Yes, it can and in a very minima quantity with proper diet and exercise routine. Nuts contain a high amount of fat. Even though the fat is unsaturated it still has high calorie in it. So, taking in excess nuts can lead to weight gain than weight loss.

            If you plan to eat nuts in your diet routine u need to make sure the calorie level is balanced. This is not a healthy snack when you don’t check up on the calorie level.

2.High Blood Pressure

            It all depends on how we eat nuts and seeds. If it is raw and unsalted it helps to reduce blood pressure. However, most of them are commercialized for better taste. There is excess salt content in most of our daily intake. Salt in our blood combines with potassium to regulate the fluid balance in our body. When this balance drives off blood pressure increases.

            So, it is better to take unsalted nuts unless u cannot maintain your sodium consumption. One more way to reduce salt consumption is you can add salt at home and munch the nuts rather than buying salted nuts at shops where the salt quantity is high in each package. Another amazing method is that you can add herbs like seasoning and chilli powder to add flavour as a replacement to salt.

3.GastroIntestinal Problems

            Several elements in nuts and seeds have side effects on digestion. In the initial stages, the excess ft content can cause diarrhoea. The high fibre content can cause the above-mentioned condition or can create a gastric release and bloating. Also, nuts and seeds are hard to digest. 

            Compounds like tannin and phytic acid are the reason for the indigestion of nuts and seeds in the animal body. This is why they sprout when their faeces is buried in the mud. This might make us uncomfortable.

4.Inadequate Nutrient Absorption

            Phytic acid apart from bringing all the unwanted difficulties to our abdomen can also restrict the body from absorbing other nutrients from the body. The human body cannot digest it so these free radicals tend to bond with minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron. Recent studies show that our body can absorb 20% of zinc more and 60% of magnesium more if phytic acid is absent in our body.

On the safer side, phytic acid does not purge these minerals rather prevents them from being absorbed. It is also found that this acid interferes with every enzyme involved in digestion. To say, pepsin breaks down the protein molecules in the stomach and amylase converts starch into fuel. Phytic acid can inhibit the secretion of the enzyme trypsin which is essential for assimilating protein in the small intestine.

5. Unbalanced Omega Levels

            Generally, most of us have unbalanced Omega levels especially Omega-3 to Omega-6. The later is found in processed foods, cooking oils and fruits and nuts. The former is found in many fishes as well as in nuts. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential oils which cannot be synthesized by our body. It has to be included in our diet. Excess consumption of these fatty acids can lead to rising in blood pressure, retains water content in the body and blood clots which could be fatal. Unfortunately, Americans take 10X upto 25X the needed amount of Omega levels in their daily diet. Omega-3 also contains anti-inflammatory properties which protect from disease whereas Omega-6  is pro-inflammatory which paves a way for diseases.

6.Good for heart Diseases

            Apart from many goodnesses of nuts it can be used to treat heart diseases. One major health benefit of nuts is cardiovascular health. Most of the nuts contain good cholesterol(HDL cholesterol). This cholesterol helps to control bad cholesterol ( LDL cholesterol). It prevents it from causing blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases.

            Nuts are also found to be rich in L-arginine, which is a vital amino acid in our body. These acids relax the constriction of blood vessels and help in better flow of blood in the vessels. It also reduces blood pressure.

7.Treats Mental Disorders

            It is untold in society but a large number of people are affected by mental illness. Scientifically it is proven that nuts can treat diseases like Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is due to the Omega-3 fatty acids in the nuts. It is also proven to be helpful in treating Rheumatoid arthritis as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in blood flow. It improves the cognitive functions of the brain.


            Nuts and seeds are very healthy for our body but if taken in high quantity than needed then it leads to diseases. We need not totally avoid them but should take them in the appropriate quantity. On the other hand, we can avoid food like junk foods, fast foods and processed meals.

            So, how much to each daily? Experts say it is sufficient to take 1/3rd of a cup a person each day, instead of eating the whole box or bag. Sometimes this quantity won’t fill you up. At that time eating fruits and vegetables which has high fibre and water content. It can really make you feel full. What are you waiting for? Go grab a nut and add it in your daily diet.


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